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We can add tradelines with perfect credit history that boost your FICO credit score. Our tailored service can unlock the benefits of having a high credit score. Our expert strategies can raise your credit score...

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Working with clients throughout the United States, our corporate office is based in Palm Beach, Florida. Credit Repair Advisors and staff offer a wide range of high-end credit services, from helping clients build credit that don’t have any credit history, to working with clients that have a pre-foreclosure, who are dealing with banks and real estate companies short selling their property, and making it reflect paid on clients’ credit score.

Once we pull your detailed credit report, we will give you a one-on-one free consultation. We will sit and go over each account, negative or positive, that shows on your report. We will take the time to show you what’s hurting your credit and what’s helping. By going over you report in detail with you, we will show you what accounts are hurting your credit and why, and we can see what we can do to get them in the positive status. Many other companies are quick to take your money before even consulting with you on what they’re going to do and how they’re going to do it.

This is what separates us from other credit repair companies. If we feel that there might be some difficulties in removing or settling collections on your report, we let you know beforehand. We don’t hit you with anymore surprise fees like most other companies do. We don’t take on anything we are not sure we cannot get done for you. Our goal is to get you the credit scores you need to get you in your dream home, car, and better interest rates that can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year. You can be surprised on what you can benefit from, once we get your credit scores where they need to be.

Unlike other credit repair or credit restoration companies, we work one-on-one with our clients before charging them any fees, speaking with them via phone conference or in one of our conference rooms to understand their situation, identifying with them the negative information that is impacting their credit, and last but not least, going over our game plan or strategy that best fits the clients budget or financial goals. At CREDIT REPAIR ADVISORS, you work with the same Credit Advisor throughout the whole process. We do the entire process with the client alongside of us, teaching and educating them, not only how to correct the situation but how to prevent it from happening again in the future. We give our clients a status sheet every month showing them what has been removed or deleted.  Not just sending them a status sheet or telling them to log in to our website, but speaking with them and going over the status sheet face-to-face or conference call via phone or webinar.

Unlike other credit repair companies, we only work with 250 clients a month, working with them from start to finish. And our finish line is what the clients’ main objective was in rebuilding their credit in the first place. If it’s buying your dream home, trying to qualify for a business loan or just get your credit score back to an excellent score, Credit Repair Advisors walks you step by step all the way. We work with many banks, mortgage companies and realtors, that once your credit score is restored, we will place you with one of the bankers, realtors or car dealerships that best fit your needs. If you have a banker, mortgage broker or realtor, we will work with you and your broker, providing them what they need to complete your mortgage loan or getting you to be pre-qualified so your realtor can start showing you your dream home.

Our credit repair procedures are at a very affordable price in a stress free environment. The staff at Credit Repair Advisors is committed to providing our clients with the highest quality of customer service and credit knowledge in a relaxing environment. Credit Repair Advisors has a dedicated team that has the necessary training and knowledge to be called the best in Florida and surrounding States. Our staff truly enjoys working together and interacting with our clients.

Call us today for your free consultation. If you want to buy that dream home, start your own business, drive that new car that you always wanted, or just tired of being turned down for credit and paying high interest rates and big down payments or deposits, then your credit score is only a phone call away.