About Us

In 2003 we were partners in a successful mortgage company,  and we were tired of our mortgage clients that had bad credit going to all these so called credit repair companies to fix their credit so we could then get them a mortgage. They would end up paying over $100 a month for months, some even years, to come back to us with their credit exactly how it was or even worse. These poor people never ended up getting mortgages until we researched all the credit laws, do’s and don’ts and perfected the credit repair process. So we began our trial and error process and after 4 long months we found what worked the best. 

We are more than those other credit repair companies out there, we are a Boutique Firm. Not everyone’s credit situation is the same so why should everyone get the same letters, the same pricing, and the same payment plan. Well here at Credit Repair Advisors, you don’t; each persons letters are individually perfected for their situation with each of their accounts. We don’t charge you a percent of what you owe, or what we save you by removing the debt from your credit. We only charge you a flat fee per item we work on. And we guarantee our work. If the accounts we get removed come back on we remove them again for FREE! Ask our competitors their guarantee, they wont have have one! 

Here at Credit Repair Advisors the Advisor you start with is the same throughout the entire process. You don’t have to explain your situation to a new person every time you call, we already know.  Each month you and your advisor will go over your status and what process will happen next. We do all the work while you sit back and watch your score rise.